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A self-defined “pop culture whore,” I love anything kitschy, tacky, wild and wacky – I get a kick out of bad taste. I like to poke fun at convention and have a dark sense of humor, and that often comes out in my artwork. My favorite art is that of outsider and folk artists – untrained craft persons who use recycled and found items to create something new.

ROCK AND ROLL SAVED MY SOUL: Frustrated at how many of my friends are suffering terribly from expensive health care costs, illnesses, cancers, and OVERpriced medications they can’t afford, I decided to start ROCK AND ROLL SAVED MY SOUL. I’ve been collecting punk rock flyers for years and have some killer stuff from the 80s. 100% of the proceeds from flyers sold on this site will go towards helping those with Go Fund Me campaigns – friends and friends of friends.

For more about me, check out my band and art website, bethzombie.com.

So far ROCK AND ROLL $AVED MY SOUL has been able to give moola to:

Jimmy Francis Crucifix
Francis Schmith a.k.a. Jimmy Crucifix was diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer during the Christmas Holidays 2017. Having already gone through surgical procedures all through 2017 for Barrett’s esophagus where they discovered precancerous cells that had mutated into Cancer cells, Jimmy had to undergo surgery every 3 months last year and it was a financial hardship for him and your donations helped him quite a bit. He his now begining Radiation & Chemotherapy and even with Insurance the co-pays and out of pocket cost are and will continue to be astronomical, for the CT scans, MRI’s and all the upcoming treatments and tests in 2018. On top of these findings he must also have dental work done and his insurance will not cover the $3,500.00 procedure. Please help if you are able with what ever you are able to help with, it will be greatly appreciated. He is also selling musical equipment to help with these expenses. The funds we’ve raised so far have all gone to cover the medical costs for last years treatments. Here we go again. Please send good healing vibes if you cant send money! Thank You Very Much!

JonnyCat Harbin
Jonnycat Harbin has cancer. We are raising money to help cover medical expenses and other bills. He starts treatment on February 14th, 2017. As a cab driver, Jonny will be unable to work during treatment. He has Oregon Medicaid but is facing significant out of pocket costs.

Vyvyan Amanda Becher and her friends.
This summer Vyvyan Amanda Becher and five friends were coming back from a camping trip on the I5. They were hit by an oncoming car that veered into their lane. The camper truck they were in flipped four times and the back roof had to be cut off to rescue the three people stuck in the back. Two of them had to be air lifted from the first hospitals they were at. Five of six were hospitalized. All six people plus two dogs survived, but everyone got very banged up and have extensive medical bills, amongst other things.

Erin Barcellos-McKinley
Erin is a yoga teacher in San Francisco. She has battled colon cancer TWICE and is about to get a permanent colostomy bag.

Tiffany Romney
Asking for your financial contribution while I get completely back up on my own feet again is not easy for me, however, if there is one thing facing multiple cancers and other life threatening health issues has taught me, it is that we are not meant to do it all alone. We all need some kind of help at various points in our life, and this is where I am at today.